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Fall-2015-mens-military-trendMen’s fashion often slowly shifts, seldom are there dramatic changes in silhouettes and styles for men. However, this fall gives us silhouettes fro with some new perspective on the traditional.


Fall-2015-mens-military-trendTypically, every fall, there is some variation of military green. This season there will be a lot of different ones. You find the GI Joe all over from, shirts, pants shoe it’s basically everywhere.  But along with the military green It’s smart to adds some natural colors such as beige, brown and white. If your filling at little flirtatious how about a slash of light pink in there.


You’ll always see black, black is a universal base for any men’s wardrobe. With Black you can wear it head to toe. But you can go wrong with black, yes you can! Black provides a uniform look. You don’t want wear a variety of different shades of black. Faded black pants with a, rich dark black jacket and older black T-shirt, not to mention shoes.  So four shades of black does not good. If you go all black – keep it the same black. You’ll always see this on Micheal Kors.


You should try to layer your outerwear. Think about layering over your denim jacket with a puffer vest.  How about a blazer over that outerwear huddle. Blazers are great for classing up a look.  You want make sure it’s light weight. Adding this twist to traditional or casual wear will add variety.  Make sure that the first layer is a slim fit so you can go a sixe up on your outer layer without feeling and looking squeezed. If you size the inner where and outerwear appropriately then you’ll look fine.


This year shearling jackets are popular for the fall season.  Leather is a constant staple that can be added to a shearling for a rustic jacket. A great   addition would be classic plaid flannels for little more texture. Make sure that you keep streamlined, slim silhouette  so that you can layer on additional jackets . Don’t purchase the flannel shirts too small or jackets too small when you want to wear them with T-shirts.  Get sweaters that allow you to layer under and over them.   Sharling

Similar to women hemlines, which can be long or short. Men’s shirts go long and short as well. You’ll see many new collections with growing trend. You see Longer T-shirts  with skinny or slim cut pant enhance the trend with layers. The elastics pant hems would be great for men to treat. This would be as comfortable as sweat pants.


Footwear will always bring this ensemble together. It’s popular to eliminate wearing socks or wear no sock, that are below the ankle. If you go with high or tops or boots, then you can where higher socks. If you show too much sock or poor choice socks it will look you don’t know what your doing.

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