Back to School Fashion Trends

slimfitjeansYep, It’s time for the kiddos to head back to school this 2015 year. Now that you have the basics figured ( I.e pens, pencil, backpacks). It’s time to look at the hottest trends in back-school wear.  Obviously the most important thing is learning, and making sure that your son or daughter is comfortable, relaxed well help keep them focused on learning.  So helping you kids navigate school looking nice + cool we help them build confidence in their appearance.

Let’s start with the basic’s Jeans dare a must have. Jeans’ are always in style.  They are the foundation of any wardrobe. Denim will practically go with anything.  This year, a growing trend is colored jeans.  Colored jeans come in some amazing colors that will blend  any top together to make  up an excellent ensemble. Green, Yellow, Blue, Orange, the world of color is their oyster. Don’t be afraid to try different colors.

Jean’s are a staple that never goes out of style. Color denims will allow your kid to match the styles that would fit their personality. Jeans come in a ton of different fits, styles, from related, slim and skinny. These jeans can go with any body type.

Another Staple – Graphic Tee’s

graphicteesNow, Now, your right1  it all depends  on the what’s on the graphic tee. So think about some options with positive messaging. It’s all about spreading the encouragement. Note that other kids will be looking at you kids clothing and what it says’ so you’d want your kid graphic tee to say something nice, positive and reflects the personality and individuality of  your child.

It’s All about the Jacket!

There’s nothing that brings together an outfit like a wonderful head-turning jacket. Jackets can come in classics cuts or statement jackets. Gap has some wonderful looking jackets.

hmprodThe Fall Floral,

Flower motif are great not only for spring and summer, But Floral prints are great for the fall, when you have very colorful accessories like classic Dr. Martens would pair up.


Kids are active, why not get your kids active wear. Pullover sweatshirts and branded at leisure.
girls legginsgirlleggins Again kids want to be comfortable.  Sweatpants, just like jeans come all type of styles and cuts and fitting. So you’ll definitely be able to find the something that works for child.

Cute Leggings, Leggings are a must have in any girl’s wardrobe. But don’t just get solids. You should get prints; There are  some wonderful  options for cute  color pallets with wonderful pastels. They also go perfect with a skirts.

Faux Fur works wonderfully with jackets, It keeps your kid warm.  Faux fur adds some variety and change

Plaid is a timeless fashion addition to any kid’s wardrobe. Today plaids come some pretty colors for girls, plaid skirts look greats on girls, they are now the foundation of  many school uniform options.  Plaid can be great for a classic prep look as well being edgy and grunge.

girls socksFunky Socks ,

Socks are great way to add some color and playfulness to your child’s wardrobe. Today you probably can din anything printed on socks. With a variety of patterns and prints that will go well with your child’s outfit and shoes. Socks can bring an outfit together and provide the a base.

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